Fallen Cathedrals

by Ashen Horde

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Ashen Horde's third full-length album, released worldwide on cd and vinyl by Extreme Metal Music/Rockshots Records


released March 22, 2019

Trevor Portz: all instruments; clean vocals
Stevie Boiser: harsh vocals

Music and lyrics by Trevor Portz; additional lyrics by Stevie Boiser.


all rights reserved



Ashen Horde Los Angeles, California

Drawing influence from the crème de la extreme, Ashen Horde celebrates the darker side of metal
in all its grim glory. Inspired by bands ranging from Vintersorg to Enslaved, and Tulus to Strapping
Young Lad, this is blackened prog-metal art at its finest. It’s technical and crushing, yet at times darkly melodic.

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Track Name: Parity Lost
Two houses--unalike in dignity
Conjoined, but still worlds apart
Though from a distance, perceived equality
The symmetry a mere illusion

One revels in extravagance
Affluence borne from les vieux riche
The other dwells in destitution
An endless struggle to survive

The fragile balance, thus far maintained
Is only moments from collapse
A single action, intended or happenstance
Could sever the final thread

Though loathing is so thinly veiled
Inaction maintains the accord
Thus do the two sides remain in artificial harmony

In the illusion of perfection
Humanity fails to survive
Masses enthralled by the deception
Never to make it out alive

In quiet hours, the leering eyes reveal the truth
Each side awaiting the other’s declaration
Each day that passes brings them closer to the brink
The tension ever-growing

Moments left until impending war
In opulence, the wealthy raise a toast to that unearned
A ceremony for the luxury into which they were born
While only steps away, the poor collapse, no celebration
Beyond the victory of surviving yet another day
This duality can only result in catastrophe
Blinded by arrogance, the wealthy see no consequence
For as they indulge, they siphon off more than is theirs
The balance broken, one side is drained to feed the other
The shadow cast becomes an all-consuming truth

Two houses--hatred has taken hold
A final loss of parity

In the delusion of perfection
Damnation will too soon arrive
We’ve fallen prey to the deception
We’ll never make it out alive
Track Name: Profound Darkness
We are afflicted, unworthy of conscious thought
Our hopes they wish to extinguish
In but a moment our world is swallowed by shadows
While they thrive in the light

Euphoric screams, soon to be drowned in agony

Within the silence, spewing animosity
Our voices will be heard
Gathering our strength, we no longer feel restraint
From darkness we will rise

Hostility; declension turns to victory

Our former adversaries become our new allies
United, we arise
For as the light was taken, so were the rules of peace
Their downfall they’ve demanded

Too long we’ve been the victims
Crushed beneath their excess
Deaf to our acrimony
Nevermore unnoticed
From deep within the mire
We will draw our power
Our hearts so deeply blackened
Beating pure ichor

Our strength will be their weakness
Unified in hatred
With faith at our disposal
Praise the insurrection
Our judgment will be final
Overwhelming vengeance
Atop the world we’ll stand
Witness our ascension

We will reclaim the world they’ve taken from beneath

The waning moon, arisen, serves as a flare of hope
A beacon for our vengeance
For those that we are haunting, it will be a grim pharos
Illuminating their defeat
Track Name: Retaliation/Regret
Like undead soldiers, craving living flesh
The small rebellion presses forward
Towards the gleaming towers
Dominating the bleak horizon

Blinded by fury, vengeance their ammunition
A strategy to inflict brutality
On those they know
To be the cause of their suffering

Approaching demarcation
Invisible, but still it’s seen as a reminder of their inferiority

The symbolic-border crossing
A violation that breaks down the trust established
As pent-up rage grows stronger
The old world crumbles into dust

A field of descendants whom they hate
Seen only as targets, planted as bait
The slaughter is rapid, the terror unbound
Light fades from their eyes as screams echo ‘round
Consumed by their hatred, a wave of depravity
Banished any sense or semblance of morality
This is retaliation, the horror of scorn
The blood beneath their fingernails will stain forevermore

They gaze downward upon the corpses
Seen forthwith as human
A realization settles in; they flee for safety
Their hands are stained
Deeds they wish to be unspoken

As regret slowly cripples,
Their unity is torn away
A new desire that this will remain unspoken

Their blood has forever stained a blight upon my hands
For this is the cycle of retaliation and regret
Track Name: The Vanishing
Their ivory tower shattered,
Forced into awareness
The leisure class rudely awakened
No longer will they mock those
That fortune ignored
War gives no preference to affluence
A strategy constructed to show their dominance
Forsaking ferocity… or so they tell themselves
Concealed within the shadows
They slink across the edge
Seeking those most defenseless
Innocents: the prime hostages
Their vile task completed, a rapid exit made
They revel in their acquisitions
When daylight slays the dark,
The deed will be revealed
And they’ll regain the upper hand
Seeking negotiation, this act the cornerstone
Though it may crumble quickly,
And all will be brought down
\When morning greets the victims
They find what has been filched
Grim fears no longer imagined
This war has now begun
Track Name: Atavism
Our battle cry
Calling forth our primitive souls
Is cast away Insurgence!
We will arise
As the beasts you’ve claimed us to be
No longer
Denying the urge
Embracing our lost savagery
We are the voice of devolution
We have become
A single, malicious machine
Our vengeance unleashed
Violence: our new identity
Devouring everything you cherish
Discard your shreds of sanity
Witness the world around you perish
Predation has awoken
We will be the last to stand
Your end, our delectation
Full subjugation we demand!
Embracing our lost savagery
We are the voice of devolution
The end of false nobility
This is the fatal revolution
Time to reset the balance
Inversion of the stratum
They’ll be the ones who kneel
Track Name: Cages
Knowing not if they are forsaken
They wait in misery
Victims culled for innocence
But then a sound heard in the distance
Silencing their cries Is this salvation a lie?
Secured in a makeshift prison
The victims on display
In cages, crude and filthy
A gruesome mockery
Sentries fall into formation
Like wolves guarding their feast
Fuck the hopes of liberation
They will tear apart the beasts
If it is war that is desired
Then all involved will acquiesce
The prisoners will become fodder
An example for those who aggress
In silence,
The factions, like statues, stand
On the surface
Salivating carnivores
Both sides hunters, both sides prey
But few truly desire
This final descent into madness
In exchange for those held captive
A demand of sacrifice
He who leads the invasion
Will submit to their device
With but a moments’ consideration
A figure steps from the mass
An oblation to the god of war
With hopes that this hell will pass
True to the promises made
The captives are freed from their pens
While a soon-to-be-dead martyr
Enters the cage that will be his end
Track Name: Final Ascent
Moments to final exhalation
He seeks the comfort of his memories
Seen through the haze that is his vision
A shadowed figure provides liberation
A moment’s contemplation
To leave this hell behind
They have freed their destroyer

“I will become death’s disciple
No remorse will taint my wrath
A kindness has unleashed their ruin”

With freedom now regained
A revelation floods his mind
Deep inside the domain of his enemy
Vengeance will be delivered from within

“I will be the one who ensnares the oppressor
Who demands the penitence my kin deserve
For what has befallen us in recent days
And for all of the suffering that came before”

To bring down the beast he must remove the head
Find the lone creator, the architect of discord
For it’s he who must be forced to pay for his sins
The source of their damnation,
His demise will end the divide
In the distance, his target seen
A monolithic tower Inside the tyrant dwells

“I will traverse the gauntlet
Let nothing thwart my task
In moments, in his blood I’ll bask.”
Track Name: Face of the Enmity
Armed with only a lust for vengeance,
The infiltrator weaves his way through shadowed alleys
The lavish dwellings that provide cover
Serve also to remind him of what he lacks
At the monoliths’ edge lies a clearing
Beyond which stands the structure he has sought
Behind the façade of marble and glass
Sits the one who has orchestrated this war
Though human in appearance, he is little more than beast
Feeding on the grief of those all around him
Thriving on the agony his construct has created
Nurturing the collapse for his own delectation
Already a flesh-bound god Immune to life’s cruel fates
Far beyond paltry, crude defenses
In silence he sits, his eyes transfixed
Focused on the distant violence
Elated that his work has produced such elegant chaos
For this is the score he so carefully composed
A symphony of primitive hatred
A slow crescendo building to a deafening roar
The assailant watches as his target basks
In the euphoric state this hell has delivered
Pure, orgasmic joy spawned by crippling agony
Only reinforcing that the deed must be done
But now the time has finally arrived
The suffering from many will move to one
As a single point of focused hatred
He will collapse this pillar of sorrow
No moments wasted on reluctance or regret
The fates have chosen their sacrificial savior
Slinking down to the cellar, far below the tainted earth
He places the charges, without sympathy or qualms
A swift exit, in moments to safety he flees
As his hand pulls the trigger, eradicating the disease
Silence cracked by deafening thunder
He collapses, victorious
The final cathedral falls to dust

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